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07 April 2013 @ 01:50 am


liarsland, an interactive community centered on the Pretty Little Liars television show on ABC Family. This is what you would call a "land comm," with a format similar to other communities such as beacon_hills, sleepyhollowlnd, etc.

WHAT? Members will be put on one of four teams: ariatheliar, emilytheliar, hannatheliar or spencertheliar. The team name doesn't force you to focus on that liar; any and all characters from Pretty Little Liars (and, as of Round Four, Ravenswood) can be used in your challenge entries. Challenges will range from graphics, writing, luck, puzzles, and other things as the round goes on. Participation is not necessary for every challenge, but if you do not participate in at least one challenge after every five or so, you will be assumed to have taken a hiatus and removed from the member list.

WHERE? Liarsland is the main headquarters of this community, with challenges and results being posted here. There is also a social community, theliarsretreat, where members from all teams can post anything they'd like: challenge creations, social posts, episode watch-a-longs, or anything else that can be thought of. This being said, members are expected to be respectful. Any bashing/insulting/attacking of any other member, on your team or otherwise, will result in expulsion from liarsland.

WHEN? Round 4 starts January 5th, 2014, and is scheduled to end on April 1st, 2014.

HOW? Want to come and join the fun? Fantastic! Just copy the text in the box below into a new comment on this post. You will be assigned a team and invited to liarsland, theliarsretreat and your team comm accordingly.

05 January 2014 @ 08:33 pm



New to this round:
- The PLL-spinoff Ravenswood can be used in challenge submissions. There will be no Ravenswood-specific challenges, but you can use images or characters from the show in your graphics or writings.
- In the past, I have tried to make as many challenges as possible both graphics-and-writing friendly, but some people expressed dismay about past rounds being graphics-heavy. So, for this round, I tried to plan out an equal number of different types of challenges.
- inabsentialuci will be posting weekly reminders this round! Make sure you're watching theliarsretreat so that you can be aware of what is going on.

Also, hello to our three new members (so far):
kadie_darling, kandydevil and teacupdream