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welcome to liarsland
Welcome to liarsland, an interactive community centered on the Pretty Little Liars television show on ABC Family. This community will be in the same style as other LJ landcomms you may be familiar with. Members will be put on one of four teams. Challenges will range from graphics, writing, luck, puzzles, teamwork, and other things as the round goes on. Participation is not necessary for every challenge, but if you miss five challenges in a row without informing myself or your team mods that you are on a hiatus then you will be cut. There is also a social community, theliarsretreat, where members from all teams can hang out.
01. Don't be an A. There is no bashing tolerated at all. Any insulting/attacking of another member of the community will result in immediate banning from the community.

02. Keep comments polite. Constant use of foul language or inappropriate remarks in the comment forums will result in a ban.

03. Five challenges without submitting anything will be considered a hiatus and you will be cut from the community.Being active is necessary to make sure members are fairly distributed so that each team has a chance to win points. If you need to take a hiatus or leave the community for whatever reason, that's completely fine; just let the mod know.

04. If the challenge involves voting, do not share your submission until the results are posted. Everyone likes to show off what they've done, and the social comm is a place to do just that, but just wait until after the results are announced so that voting remains fair.

05. All entries must be work specifically made for the challenge. If you wrote a fanfic two months ago that fits the prompt, that's great and everything, but it isn't exactly fair to the other members who spend the time making something new. Write a prequel or sequel to it instead, or some art. That would be fine.

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